Why RiverPay

RiverPay bridges the gap between Chinese Consumers and North American businesses

Chinese consumers can now pay North American businesses in real time with our approved payment channel using Alipay or WeChat.

Using the RiverPay payment gateway is fast and safe.

RiverPay provides seamless integration with existing web and mobile platforms

Accept payment on your website, mobile website, mobile app, or WeChat account without changing your current checkout flow. Our tech team are available 24/7 to assist with integration and ongoing support

No website? No problem. Send a invoice and your Chinese client can pay in real-time.

RiverPay brings Chinese travellers into your door

Provide what your competitors can't with WeChat and Alipay's marketing platform, increase your awareness to travellers and locals.

You are automatically enrolled in WeChat and Alipay's merchant listing. It is fast and simple.

Beyond North America

RiverPay payment gateway provides global solutions, allowing CNY to be paid and settle to merchants in CAD, USD, AUD, EUR, SGD, JPY and more.

Who Should Use Our Services


RiverPay allows you to accept the favourite payment choices of Chinese travellers and locals while dining or shopping.


Our spot-checkout system is available both standalone and also integrates seamlessly into your existing POS flow.


RiverPay operates at some of the most iconic experiences in North America. Welcome Chinese travelers with brands they are familiar with.


We take great pride in warmly welcoming tourists and North American guests to participate in new and exciting activities.


RiverPay works with schools, colleges, and campus merchants, to help simplify the payment process for Chinese students new to North America


Complete the checkout process on your website, mobile site, or mobile app seamlessly using the payment methods Chinese consumers most familiar with.

Get in Touch

Join North America's leading retail, education providers, travel agencies and e-commerce businesses using our RiverPay payment gateway
Give your payers access to AliPay & WeChatPay

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P: 1(888)875-4079
E: info@riverpayment.com