Why RiverPay

RiverPay bridges the gap between Chinese Consumers and Global businesses

Chinese consumers can now access to your goods and services through our approved marketing and payment channels.

Using the RiverPay marketing and payments gateway is fast and safe.

RiverPay provides seamless integration with your products and services

We work with you marketing, finance, and operations to setup everything needed to sell to Chinese customers. Our tech team are available 24/7 to assist with integration and ongoing support

RiverPay brings Chinese travellers into your door

Provide what your competitors can't with our marketing services, increase your awareness to travellers and locals.

You are enrolled and supported in WeChat and Alibaba's merchant listing. It is fast and simple.

Going Global

RiverPay provides a global solutions, offering on-site and remote services in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and more.

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Join Global's leading retail, education providers, travel agencies and e-commerce businesses using our marketing and payment solutions
Give your payers access to Alibaba & WeChat

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RiverPay, Inc.
P: 1(888)875-4079
E: info@riverpayment.com